Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Triple J's Hottest 100 Day!

So, on Tuesday (26th Jan) and every year on that date, Triple J have their hottest 100 count down. They had over 2 million people vote for their top 10 songs from 2015 which helped make up the hottest 100 list. I voted in this as I love listening to Triple J and wanted to see some of my songs in the top 100. My votes are as below, the only mistake I made as I voted extremely last minute, was vote for Jack U instead of CHVRCHES.

So, not only did 9 of the 10 songs I voted for get in the top 100, but 1 actually won.

That song was The Rubens - Hoops. I've added a link to their official video on YouTube incase you haven't heard this awesome song.

I absolutely love listening to the hottest 100, not only are the songs of all different genres butt it's presented awesomely. I also entered in the hopes of winning the Triple J Golden Ticket (I didn't but ohh wells). 

So for the day I decided to wear a cute outfit. I had recently made a trade through a group called Trade*laide of coffee for a batman skirt. I paired this with a basic black top and shoes plus a belt and bandana for a cute and casual outfit as you can see below (close up and full outfit shot)

Whenever I wear shortish skirts like this, I have a basic tulle skirt I wear under them and some shorts just to be safe. 

So, as for where I got everything, the black tshirt is from Supre, it's a crop so it actuall is nice and cool, to wear on a hot day teamed with a cute skirt, the skirt was from Trade*laide (probably an eBay purchase of that person) and the shoes were just basic flats, most of mine are from Kmart, BigW or op shops.

Did you vote in Triple J's Hottest 100? If so what did you vote for?

I hope you all had a great Hottest 100 day. I know a lot of people celebrate another thing on that day, I use too, however I don't anymore. I would rather we have a different day with a different meaning, as to celebrate a day where we claimed a land from its original owners and in a violent way is not something I support.

Definitely interested in hearing other people's opinions on this...

Friday, 4 September 2015

Ali Express Wig Order Review and Commission Review

So, along with the corset I ordered from eBay, I also ordered a wig for the No Flutter version of Rini - Mini Moon. (I have added a picture below)

I checked both eBay and Ali Express to try and find a wig I tought wood be perfect, or at least fixable.

I found this one on Ali Express - and it definitely looked better then the others I found.

I placed my order on 13th August and paid straight away. The only notification I got after payment was shipping confirmation when the item was shipped on 17th August. 

I received the package of the wig today 4th September.

For shipping time/communication I give a 10/10, shipping was decent timing due to the fact it's free shipping, I wasn't expecting it til around the 13th September.

Now, packaging. There wasn't much protection for the wigs, just the usual wig net inside a plastic bag inside the packaging. Considering it's free shipping I can't complain too much. Below I have attached pictures of all the packaging.

For the packaging, I would give it a 5/5, considering it was free shipping this packaging is fine, however it would have been nice to have at last bubble wrap in there even if it's one layer.

Now, for product comparison. 

This is the stock picture on the listing

This is what I received, I only have worn photos as I don't have a spare wig stand ATM. I actually forgot to take some pictures of the base wig, will do this at a later date. 

As you can see, it looks al last identical styling wise. However the colour is a lot darker then in the stock photo but should still work fine. The little bits that are next to the pigtails are actually detachable, which means when I wear the accessories with them, they are extremely unstable and fall over. 

So, product comparison, gets a 5/5, it's styled almost identical to the stock photo and looked basically the same.

Now for the quality. So, I was a tad bit disappointed to find the smaller pigtails quite dead and small and also the detachable bun things are quite small. The wig also has no comb at the front, or no elastic/loops to make it tighter or looser on the head so you have to hope it fits your head otherwise you will need to figure out another way for it to stay secure on your head. I have added pictures below of these details so you can see. The colour and shininess of the wig are no too bag and I definitely am happy with them. 

So, for the quality of the wig, I would give it a 3/5 the reason being is without the simple things to help keep the wig in the hair, this wig, worn with the long clips can easily fall off if you don't add something more to hold it in place and the styling doesn't seem as nice on the base wig as it could be.

So far, in this review I will be scoring the product and everything a 23/25 as per my previous points. There is definitely some things the company can do to make he product better, however I think for the price this isn't too bad. I would reccomend this to other people to buy for a more "affordable" wig.

Also for this cosplay, I commissioned a local cosplayer to make the accessories for me. Her cosplay page is Green the Destroyer Cosplay ( ). Anyone I picked these up during the week and was super impressed and happy with them. I have added pictures below of the accessories and a close up of the accessories being worn on the wig.

I would give her a 10/10, she was lovely to communicate with, told me when she was finished and met  up with me to give me the accessories. They are exactly what I was after. 

I hope this has helped you in finding a wig on Ali Express or actually being able to buy one from there.

Miss Tink

Thursday, 27 August 2015

Steel Boned eBay Corset for under $100 with express postage.

So, I currently have a cosplay in the works (albeit, slowly) that needs an under bust white corset. I have a extremely small budget for this so could only afford so much for a corset and needed a specific shape and design. 

So, with the help of my friend Corrina, I found this promising listing, with the perfect shape and a price within my budget. 

I choose the White Satin option in a size S. ( )

I made my order on the 3rd August as it said in their description it would take 10-14 business days (I have added a screen capture of their product description to show this), and promptly paid. I didn't receive any notification about construction of my corset or an expected date of completion. I messaged the seller on the 20th August after business hours as this was when the 14th day was over. I asked about when expected shipping time was. I received a response the next day stating it normally took 10-15 business days and they would have my corset sent within 48 hours. I thanked them and advised them to update their description so people knew how long it would actually take. 

On the 21st August, I received notification from eBay that my corset had been shipped and there was also a tracking number with it. I then received my corset on the 25th August.

Therefore, for shipping, communication and construction time I give me a 14/15, the reason for this is they do need to have on their item description the right time that it's going to take to make the corset as some people may be purchasing and calculating and they will calculate on those detail. The shipping was on time and what I paid for and the communication was pleasant and straight to the point. 

As show below, the packaging for the corset was not the most protective for it, however it did come with a eat little hanging bag I can use to safest store my corset in.

So, for packaging, I give a 3/5, it came with a neat little bag, however it could have easily been damaged.

Now, for item comparison, construction and fit.

So, now for the comparison images, above is the stock photo and below is the photo of what I got. (I forgot to take a picture of the front laying flat, but the shape looks like the back just win the clip bits)

As you can see, it looks exactly the same as the picture, it does have the same front and looks exactly as described. Below I have added some close up pictures of the corset itself and the construction. As you can see, it didn't actuall come laced up, so I had to competely lace it up myself which I haven't done before. It was a good learning expierence,  but also a bit of time wasting as it would have been nice to have it laced up already. (This however could be because they might have rushed to send it as I was asking about it). It also comes with suspender clips so I can wear suspenders with it if I want too. 

So for construction and comparison, I give a 10/10, it looks like it is well made a decent quality. It does have steel bones in it and feels supportive. It also looks exactly the same as the stock photos.

So, the fit is great, I have tried it on and not laced it with hardly any tightness and it still fits nice with not too much gap and still a nice shape. I have added 3 pictures below, the first is the front, on with no tightening of the lace, the second is the back with the same, and the third is the front with some tightening. I will get some better pictures of it laced up tight once I have some help from someone willing to help me get it to a comfortable tightness :).

So, for fit, I give a 5/5. It fits perfect and looks good even when loosely tightened. It also feels extremely comfortable and supportive. 

Overall, this purchase and eBay seller gets a 32/35, a great buy and price for a well made product that looks and feels great and I would happily advise other people to purchase.

I hope this helps for those people looking to purchase a corset from eBay.

Signing out,
Miss Tink

Friday, 24 July 2015

Making Pokemon Trainer Elsa

So, I saw a picture of a Fan Art version of Elsa and I planned on using that as a Cosplay which I was going to wear to Oz Comic Con Adelaide, but I didn't get it done in time. So I ended up wearing it to AVCon over the weekend.

Any who's here is the process of getting my cosplay together and the final picture of how it looked.
I started off with the fan art and figured out what I wanted the same and what I wanted to change, as you can see in the artwork she has a jacket on, I decided to change that to just the dress and the blue mesh top like her traditional dress has.

After this, I needed to Aquire boots to match the cosplay, I had trouble finding boots with buckles so chose to buy white lace up boots and paint them the right colour as you can see below.

I bought these from Bodyline, which you can see the review on in one of my older posts (

After this, I bought the leg warmers and I decided to get blue fishnet tights to break up the bold blue in the rest of the costumes. I managed to find these cheap on eBay and also got the blue fishnets from a shop in Adelaide called The Wackey Shack. 

Once I had everything sorted, I then needed to make the dress. I started out with a bodice the same as  my atinkerbell dress and then added a circle skirt to the bottom. 

Once the patterns were cut out, I put everything together and tried it on to make sure it fit.mand once I knew it did I tried it on with my mesh too to make sure it looked fine.

Once I had done this, I obviously hemmed the bottom and used biased binding on the top of the bodice.

Once this was done, I wanted to make the bodice glittery, so I used a glitter spray on the bodice. I used the Tulip Fabric Spray Paint I bought from Spotlight. When wet it looked like below, however in the end it looked amazing and very glittery :).

After completeling the main part of the costume, I had to work on a bag to carry my stuff around, and some pokeballs to help people sort of figure out that it was a mash up. So I found this awesome red bag, and used the same leather paint to paint my shoes to paint my bag the right colour and I used some glitter nail polish to put on a part of the bag to match.

It was then con weekend, and I put everything together and it looked amazing and I was super happy with it. I got the fake fur vest from Wardrobe Lust and my amazing from Jessie (Queenie the Cutie) cropped it for me so it was finished in time. So here is the final product with everything together plus a close up of the makeup I did on the day and my amazing wig and contacts.

I hope you like my cosplay mashup and definitely can't wait to start on my next cosplay :) 

Signing off, 
Miss Tink

Friday, 26 June 2015

Stick on Nail Decals

So, today I went into Priceline and managed to find these cute stick on nail decals that were glittery and had a great pattern on sale so I decided to buy them and give them a try.

So first I took everything out of the packet then read the instructions

After this I cleaned/filed my natural nails to shape

As per the instructions I put on the decals and used the file to file them down to size onto my nails, and  poof like magic, I have gorgeous nails.

I also had left of nail stickers in case any fall off/get damaged. They seem quite sturdy, but I will edit this post after a few days to say how they went.

So for these nail stickers, they were very easy to apply and look good so far so I give them a 5/5.

Here's a picture of my outfit that I wore today when I found these lovely nail stickers.

Monday, 15 June 2015

Making Pinup Alice in Wonderland: Finding the dress and altering it to perfection

So, a while back I managed to swap a few pieces of clothing for a dress my lovely and talented friend Jessie made, her Facebook page is .

And I thought it would be perfect for a pinup Alice in Wonderland, so I had to start the task of altering the dress to make it perfect for how I wanted my style of Alice to look.

This is the original dress on the maker of it.

So, first of all I unstitched the skirt and bodice as its was quite a bit too big. i decided to alter the bodice neckline to suit more of a pinup look first.

I cut a sweet heart neckline and fitted it to my body. This is how it looked when I cut it.

After this, I focused on the skirt, I decided to make the skirt a gathered skirt instead of a pleated skirt, as I am not skilled enough to do pleats well. I also took about 5 inches of off the skirt as I am only 5.0'

I then attached the gathered skirt to the bodice and added the zip again. After this I also added the hemming the bottom of the skirt, and used the Biased Binding Jessie had made on the top of the bodice.

Once this was done, I obviously put it on my dress form to get a picture of the finished product (oh also a picture of it on me with a petticoat and without :) 

I will be making my own pattern for the apron and making another write up about when that's made and when the whole outfit is together :)

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Making Tinkerbell

So, a while ago, I decided I would make a Tinkerbell dress for Fashion Fever Networking Event - Freaky Friday competition.

So, I decided on my fabric and the style of the dress I was going for.

Fabric choices were this textured fabric for the front, and a sports stretch green that matched for the lining.

I used this picture as inspiration, I wanted the leafy bottom but like the skirt, but I wanted the bodice to have a love heart neckline.

Once I got my fabrics I started making a pattern using the top from Simplicity pattern 4015 and I used the pattern for the 4th July costume on there.

So I cut out the dress fabric and the lining fabric, after this I altered the pattern to the size and shape I wanted it, I did this by holding it on myself and marking with pins where I wanted it cut to

After this I obviously attached the sides of the back as the zip would be going down the middle and cut them to shape

Once I had the bodice ready, I got my amazing friend Queenie the Cutie (facebook:, to help me make a leaf pattern for my skirt.

Once this was done, all the leaf parts were sewn together, then the underskirt of the lining fabric was made. I used a circle skirt pattern for this and made it a bit shorter so it wasn't longer then the leaves

Once this was done, Miss Queenie helped me by putting it together as I had to get more stuff for the competition.

We placed the leaves on the underskirt and then sewed the bodice into this and then used biased binding on the bodice to finish off the dress. Below I have posted a picture of the dress on my body form and also how it looked on me (well from behind as I didn't get any good front on ones)

In the end, I won a wildcard prize for my costume and I have added some pictures below of how I looked with my full zombie body paint by the amazing Mel ( and my red lenses to finish off the look. I used my natural hair plus a hair bun to recreate Tinkerbells hair.

I hope this helps out anyone thinking of doing a Tinkerbell costume in the future :) 

Miss Tink