Friday, 4 September 2015

Ali Express Wig Order Review and Commission Review

So, along with the corset I ordered from eBay, I also ordered a wig for the No Flutter version of Rini - Mini Moon. (I have added a picture below)

I checked both eBay and Ali Express to try and find a wig I tought wood be perfect, or at least fixable.

I found this one on Ali Express - and it definitely looked better then the others I found.

I placed my order on 13th August and paid straight away. The only notification I got after payment was shipping confirmation when the item was shipped on 17th August. 

I received the package of the wig today 4th September.

For shipping time/communication I give a 10/10, shipping was decent timing due to the fact it's free shipping, I wasn't expecting it til around the 13th September.

Now, packaging. There wasn't much protection for the wigs, just the usual wig net inside a plastic bag inside the packaging. Considering it's free shipping I can't complain too much. Below I have attached pictures of all the packaging.

For the packaging, I would give it a 5/5, considering it was free shipping this packaging is fine, however it would have been nice to have at last bubble wrap in there even if it's one layer.

Now, for product comparison. 

This is the stock picture on the listing

This is what I received, I only have worn photos as I don't have a spare wig stand ATM. I actually forgot to take some pictures of the base wig, will do this at a later date. 

As you can see, it looks al last identical styling wise. However the colour is a lot darker then in the stock photo but should still work fine. The little bits that are next to the pigtails are actually detachable, which means when I wear the accessories with them, they are extremely unstable and fall over. 

So, product comparison, gets a 5/5, it's styled almost identical to the stock photo and looked basically the same.

Now for the quality. So, I was a tad bit disappointed to find the smaller pigtails quite dead and small and also the detachable bun things are quite small. The wig also has no comb at the front, or no elastic/loops to make it tighter or looser on the head so you have to hope it fits your head otherwise you will need to figure out another way for it to stay secure on your head. I have added pictures below of these details so you can see. The colour and shininess of the wig are no too bag and I definitely am happy with them. 

So, for the quality of the wig, I would give it a 3/5 the reason being is without the simple things to help keep the wig in the hair, this wig, worn with the long clips can easily fall off if you don't add something more to hold it in place and the styling doesn't seem as nice on the base wig as it could be.

So far, in this review I will be scoring the product and everything a 23/25 as per my previous points. There is definitely some things the company can do to make he product better, however I think for the price this isn't too bad. I would reccomend this to other people to buy for a more "affordable" wig.

Also for this cosplay, I commissioned a local cosplayer to make the accessories for me. Her cosplay page is Green the Destroyer Cosplay ( ). Anyone I picked these up during the week and was super impressed and happy with them. I have added pictures below of the accessories and a close up of the accessories being worn on the wig.

I would give her a 10/10, she was lovely to communicate with, told me when she was finished and met  up with me to give me the accessories. They are exactly what I was after. 

I hope this has helped you in finding a wig on Ali Express or actually being able to buy one from there.

Miss Tink

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