Thursday, 27 August 2015

Steel Boned eBay Corset for under $100 with express postage.

So, I currently have a cosplay in the works (albeit, slowly) that needs an under bust white corset. I have a extremely small budget for this so could only afford so much for a corset and needed a specific shape and design. 

So, with the help of my friend Corrina, I found this promising listing, with the perfect shape and a price within my budget. 

I choose the White Satin option in a size S. ( )

I made my order on the 3rd August as it said in their description it would take 10-14 business days (I have added a screen capture of their product description to show this), and promptly paid. I didn't receive any notification about construction of my corset or an expected date of completion. I messaged the seller on the 20th August after business hours as this was when the 14th day was over. I asked about when expected shipping time was. I received a response the next day stating it normally took 10-15 business days and they would have my corset sent within 48 hours. I thanked them and advised them to update their description so people knew how long it would actually take. 

On the 21st August, I received notification from eBay that my corset had been shipped and there was also a tracking number with it. I then received my corset on the 25th August.

Therefore, for shipping, communication and construction time I give me a 14/15, the reason for this is they do need to have on their item description the right time that it's going to take to make the corset as some people may be purchasing and calculating and they will calculate on those detail. The shipping was on time and what I paid for and the communication was pleasant and straight to the point. 

As show below, the packaging for the corset was not the most protective for it, however it did come with a eat little hanging bag I can use to safest store my corset in.

So, for packaging, I give a 3/5, it came with a neat little bag, however it could have easily been damaged.

Now, for item comparison, construction and fit.

So, now for the comparison images, above is the stock photo and below is the photo of what I got. (I forgot to take a picture of the front laying flat, but the shape looks like the back just win the clip bits)

As you can see, it looks exactly the same as the picture, it does have the same front and looks exactly as described. Below I have added some close up pictures of the corset itself and the construction. As you can see, it didn't actuall come laced up, so I had to competely lace it up myself which I haven't done before. It was a good learning expierence,  but also a bit of time wasting as it would have been nice to have it laced up already. (This however could be because they might have rushed to send it as I was asking about it). It also comes with suspender clips so I can wear suspenders with it if I want too. 

So for construction and comparison, I give a 10/10, it looks like it is well made a decent quality. It does have steel bones in it and feels supportive. It also looks exactly the same as the stock photos.

So, the fit is great, I have tried it on and not laced it with hardly any tightness and it still fits nice with not too much gap and still a nice shape. I have added 3 pictures below, the first is the front, on with no tightening of the lace, the second is the back with the same, and the third is the front with some tightening. I will get some better pictures of it laced up tight once I have some help from someone willing to help me get it to a comfortable tightness :).

So, for fit, I give a 5/5. It fits perfect and looks good even when loosely tightened. It also feels extremely comfortable and supportive. 

Overall, this purchase and eBay seller gets a 32/35, a great buy and price for a well made product that looks and feels great and I would happily advise other people to purchase.

I hope this helps for those people looking to purchase a corset from eBay.

Signing out,
Miss Tink

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