Friday, 24 July 2015

Making Pokemon Trainer Elsa

So, I saw a picture of a Fan Art version of Elsa and I planned on using that as a Cosplay which I was going to wear to Oz Comic Con Adelaide, but I didn't get it done in time. So I ended up wearing it to AVCon over the weekend.

Any who's here is the process of getting my cosplay together and the final picture of how it looked.
I started off with the fan art and figured out what I wanted the same and what I wanted to change, as you can see in the artwork she has a jacket on, I decided to change that to just the dress and the blue mesh top like her traditional dress has.

After this, I needed to Aquire boots to match the cosplay, I had trouble finding boots with buckles so chose to buy white lace up boots and paint them the right colour as you can see below.

I bought these from Bodyline, which you can see the review on in one of my older posts (

After this, I bought the leg warmers and I decided to get blue fishnet tights to break up the bold blue in the rest of the costumes. I managed to find these cheap on eBay and also got the blue fishnets from a shop in Adelaide called The Wackey Shack. 

Once I had everything sorted, I then needed to make the dress. I started out with a bodice the same as  my atinkerbell dress and then added a circle skirt to the bottom. 

Once the patterns were cut out, I put everything together and tried it on to make sure it fit.mand once I knew it did I tried it on with my mesh too to make sure it looked fine.

Once I had done this, I obviously hemmed the bottom and used biased binding on the top of the bodice.

Once this was done, I wanted to make the bodice glittery, so I used a glitter spray on the bodice. I used the Tulip Fabric Spray Paint I bought from Spotlight. When wet it looked like below, however in the end it looked amazing and very glittery :).

After completeling the main part of the costume, I had to work on a bag to carry my stuff around, and some pokeballs to help people sort of figure out that it was a mash up. So I found this awesome red bag, and used the same leather paint to paint my shoes to paint my bag the right colour and I used some glitter nail polish to put on a part of the bag to match.

It was then con weekend, and I put everything together and it looked amazing and I was super happy with it. I got the fake fur vest from Wardrobe Lust and my amazing from Jessie (Queenie the Cutie) cropped it for me so it was finished in time. So here is the final product with everything together plus a close up of the makeup I did on the day and my amazing wig and contacts.

I hope you like my cosplay mashup and definitely can't wait to start on my next cosplay :) 

Signing off, 
Miss Tink

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