Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Triple J's Hottest 100 Day!

So, on Tuesday (26th Jan) and every year on that date, Triple J have their hottest 100 count down. They had over 2 million people vote for their top 10 songs from 2015 which helped make up the hottest 100 list. I voted in this as I love listening to Triple J and wanted to see some of my songs in the top 100. My votes are as below, the only mistake I made as I voted extremely last minute, was vote for Jack U instead of CHVRCHES.

So, not only did 9 of the 10 songs I voted for get in the top 100, but 1 actually won.

That song was The Rubens - Hoops. I've added a link to their official video on YouTube incase you haven't heard this awesome song.

I absolutely love listening to the hottest 100, not only are the songs of all different genres butt it's presented awesomely. I also entered in the hopes of winning the Triple J Golden Ticket (I didn't but ohh wells). 

So for the day I decided to wear a cute outfit. I had recently made a trade through a group called Trade*laide of coffee for a batman skirt. I paired this with a basic black top and shoes plus a belt and bandana for a cute and casual outfit as you can see below (close up and full outfit shot)

Whenever I wear shortish skirts like this, I have a basic tulle skirt I wear under them and some shorts just to be safe. 

So, as for where I got everything, the black tshirt is from Supre, it's a crop so it actuall is nice and cool, to wear on a hot day teamed with a cute skirt, the skirt was from Trade*laide (probably an eBay purchase of that person) and the shoes were just basic flats, most of mine are from Kmart, BigW or op shops.

Did you vote in Triple J's Hottest 100? If so what did you vote for?

I hope you all had a great Hottest 100 day. I know a lot of people celebrate another thing on that day, I use too, however I don't anymore. I would rather we have a different day with a different meaning, as to celebrate a day where we claimed a land from its original owners and in a violent way is not something I support.

Definitely interested in hearing other people's opinions on this...

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