Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Making Tinkerbell

So, a while ago, I decided I would make a Tinkerbell dress for Fashion Fever Networking Event - Freaky Friday competition.

So, I decided on my fabric and the style of the dress I was going for.

Fabric choices were this textured fabric for the front, and a sports stretch green that matched for the lining.

I used this picture as inspiration, I wanted the leafy bottom but like the skirt, but I wanted the bodice to have a love heart neckline.

Once I got my fabrics I started making a pattern using the top from Simplicity pattern 4015 and I used the pattern for the 4th July costume on there.

So I cut out the dress fabric and the lining fabric, after this I altered the pattern to the size and shape I wanted it, I did this by holding it on myself and marking with pins where I wanted it cut to

After this I obviously attached the sides of the back as the zip would be going down the middle and cut them to shape

Once I had the bodice ready, I got my amazing friend Queenie the Cutie (facebook:, to help me make a leaf pattern for my skirt.

Once this was done, all the leaf parts were sewn together, then the underskirt of the lining fabric was made. I used a circle skirt pattern for this and made it a bit shorter so it wasn't longer then the leaves

Once this was done, Miss Queenie helped me by putting it together as I had to get more stuff for the competition.

We placed the leaves on the underskirt and then sewed the bodice into this and then used biased binding on the bodice to finish off the dress. Below I have posted a picture of the dress on my body form and also how it looked on me (well from behind as I didn't get any good front on ones)

In the end, I won a wildcard prize for my costume and I have added some pictures below of how I looked with my full zombie body paint by the amazing Mel ( and my red lenses to finish off the look. I used my natural hair plus a hair bun to recreate Tinkerbells hair.

I hope this helps out anyone thinking of doing a Tinkerbell costume in the future :) 

Miss Tink

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