Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Event Cinema Marion's "Chicks at the Flicks" Review

So, last night (06/05) I went to the preview screening of Pitch Perfect through the Event Cinema Marion's "Chicks at the Flicks" Event. When we first got there, there was a red carpet set up for all the people that had bought tickets for the event (there ended up being 10 cinemas booked for it so there were a lot of people). 

After initially coming through the red carpet, you are greeted with lots of different little stalls for little businesses and franchises that have products you can test and chances to win free products as well as buy products then and there. I have added a photo of one to show you an example.

Once we passed all of these lovely ladies with their stalls, we got to the free fairy floss stall. Everyone got one stick full of free fairy floss which was yummy and absolutely lovely. So here's how the fairy flood stall looked and how I looked with my fairy floss.

We then stumbled upon the photo booth, stick on tattoo and hair styling booth. They had some great little props for the photo booth, mostly relating to the movie and the photos were being taken in front of the Pitch Perfect 2  movie sign. They then had, "we're back pitches" stick on tattoos, they also had a hair crimper, coloured hair spray and a nail booth.

After this, as there were lots of people, we thought we would take advantage and get the food before everyone else did, they had a great selection of, 3 chicken tenderloins with chips for $9, fish and chips for $9, salt and pepper squid with chips for $9, they then had spring rolls 3 for $6 or just a bucket of chips for $6. So there was a variety. They also had wine and moscato for the people at the event. The food was great and was served at a decent pace so the food wasn't cold by the time we are it. I got the chicken tenderloins and chips and they were very yummy.

After this, we decided to go and get out popcorn and drink and then head to the cinema as it was going to start soon, and we took our seats (all seats were allocated).
They had Pitch Perfect 2 popcorn buckets so we got one of those each and a drink. However, it was a bit of a shame as the movie was suppose to start at 7 but did start until 7:40 due to all the other people taking their time to get there. So it would have been a bit better to maybe get people into the cinemas a bit earlier so the movies start on time. There was also a door prize announced which was a free ticket to the next Event Cinemas Marion "Chicks at the Flicks" event for the movie Aloha. 
My friend and her stick on tattoo.
What the popcorn buckets looked like.

Once we got seated we found out little goodie bags which you get with this event. 

Now the contents of his bag I will review one by one as I use them and then will rate the whole expierence together with the bags. 

One of the first things out of the bag is a little reminder of the next event.

 There was a nice little sample of the Rimmel BBcream, I hope this is my shade and will test it out at a later date.

There was a very pretty nail polish from Mirenesse which I will also try out at a later date.

A very appropriate coloured pen for myself from office works in the bag (I am working on an Elsa cosplay so this colour is perfect). I don't really need to review this, we all know what pens do ;).

Next in the bag was a lovely can of Appletiser with a option to put an entry to win a prize and a Appletiser cocktails book which is really lovely. I will do a taste and review of the cocktails at a later date ;).

We got some pawpaw ointment to try,Mathis is a different brand to what I have so I will be reviewing both of those side to side. 

Some yummy honey and pats bars from Nature Valley.

A tester of the Garnier Pure Action 3 in 1, I will also test this at a later date.

A lovely strawberry Chapstick, because what lady doesn't need one of these ;).

This lovely moisturising body wash.

A promotion of a gym.

A Famous magazine.
A gift voucher for the Southern Skin & LaserClinic.

Another sample, this time from Bioré.

A perfume sample

Some facial wipes, which I will review straight away.

Some Kewpie Mayonnaise.

And last bit not least, this little bag of sweets ;) 

So, for the setup of the event I am scoring a 5/5, they used their space wisely and everything had enough room for people to look at stuff and not get in other peoples way. 

Food, is a 5/5, the options were great a long with the candy bar, and they were very yummy.

The gift bag, 5/5 these products would have probably cost close to half of what we paid for the ticket which is great and there was a great range of different products to try.

The cinemas 4.5/5 as they could have made an announcement or got people going into the cinema to start the movie on time, but I know that could also possibly be out of their control.

Overall, Event Cinemas Marion "Chicks at the Flicks" event got a 14.5/15 for the whole expierence, it was a great night and I had a lot of fun, was just a bit sad we ended up sitting in our seats for the movie to start for about an hour. I would highly recommend any ladies thinking about having a night out with their friends to go and do this as is such a great time and for a very decent price. 

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