Friday, 3 April 2015

Adelaide Little Lens Review

So, I recently had to make an order of cosmetic contact lenses for a photoshoot a couple of weeks ago and for a competition at the end of April. 

I decided to make an order from the instock lenses at Adelaide Little Lens on Facebook (

I made an order of two pairs of lenses on 10th March 2015, I used their order form which can be found on their Facebook page under the Notes tab.

I ordered XCM214 that were $15 and COS6 that were $16, I also choose the express post option of $10.20. They also charge a paypal fee if paypal is chosen as the payment option.

I recieved my invoice with the paypal fee amount of $2.06 and all the details to make payment on 11th February 2015 and made payment on 13th March.

I then recieved a message along with a picture of proof of shipment in 16th March 2015.

So for communication Adelaide Little Lens shop get 5/5, the commutation was prompt and friendly.

I recieved the package on 17th March 2015. I also receive a lovely little note in the package and you get a pair of free lenses case with each pair of lenses.

So for postage/packaging I give a 10/10, not only was it promptly posted after I made payment. But I recieved it next day as per the postage method I chose and the lenses were wrapped in bubble wrap to make sure they were safe. 

Now for the product, I forgot to take a screenshot of the product picture for each of these lenses so I will post the pictures I took of them. 

The lenses in the original vials with their lens cases.

CP-S6 is for a costume I am using on 24th April for a competition.
They are exactly as I remember the produc picture looking and will be perfect for what I want to use them for. 

So here are the picture of one in and one not in so you can see the different of colour if there is from when they are in the vial and the effect they have on my eyes.
As you can see the red is still very vibrant and the black outline around the edge looks great.

And now here's a picture of my eyes without them in and with them in.

These are the most comfortable lenses I have ever worn, I wore them last night for 5 hours and while regularly keeping my eyes moist with eye drops, I completely forgot I had them in sometimes. As you can see the red is very vibrant and they look very effective. I have added a picture of my costume and full outfit that I wore them for below.

Now, XCM-214, these were for a photoshoot I did a few weekends ago. I have. A picture of my with these not in, one in then both in so you can see the difference.

But first of all a picture of them I their vial.

So, here's a picture with one lens in the right eye and one eye without a lens so you can see the difference (basically the same colour but makes my eye look a lot bigger.
And lastly a picture without lenses then with lenses in, which clearly shows they make my eyes look bigger with lenses win the lenses then without.

Lastly, a picture of my whole face with makeup and the lense plus my hair done for he photoshoot they were used for.

So for the products, I give a 10/10 for both lenses, the natural coloured ones were just like other cosmetic lenses, they looked great and were the perfect colour that I was looking for. And the red lenses were not only super comfortable but also very effective in what I wanted them for. 

So, overall, my full review for Adelaide Little Lens shop on Facebook is a 25/25, not only was the service great but I have so far loved the products provided, not to mention they have a great range to choose from. I would highly recommend them for other people to make purchases for cosmetic contact lenses through, they do offer prescription cosmetic lenses as wel, I believe but as I do not need them I can not say if their quality.

Lastly I have added a photo from the photo shoot these were used in, where I was dressed as Tinkerbell in my custom made dress and wings from Aeron Mitchell Designs on Facebook ( and the photographer was the talented Taylor from Becosplay Photography ( 

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