Sunday, 29 March 2015

Bodyline Review #2

So, of course I made another order through Bodyline while they had their free EMS shipping on and also because I needed a pair of boots for a Cosplay (I am currently working in Pokemon Trainer Elsa and she wears boots in the picture I am using for inspiration, I am changing the way the Cosplay looks a bit). I have added a picture below of the inspiration for my Pokemon Trainer Elsa. (If anyone knows the artist please let me know so I can credit them) 

So I the boots I decided on we're the perfect shape, they don't have the buckles but they are lace-up and I think they will be a lot better for the way I am now making the Cosplay.

Anywho's, onto my order, I decided to order Shoes276 in White in size 23.5 ( on 23/01/2015.
Product picture

I received the boots on 5/02/15, which was almost two weeks and in my opinion great time and gives me more than enough time to got them painted and ready for Adelaide's Oz Comic Con in April.

Shipping time, I give a 10/10, I got free EMS shipping and they came wishing two weeks with no hassles.

Now some pictures of the packaging.

They came in a big grey packaged bag, which straight away you could see they did not come in a box, so I was sort of worried about the condition of the boots.

However, on opening my boots package i could see the boots were bubble wrapped to keep them nice and safe.

Packaging, I give 9/10, they did come bubble wrapped for protection, however, had they been shipped in a box also it would have provided a lot more protection. 

The boots themselves, came out of the package looking perfect. There was no scratchs or marks in the boots and they had some foam inside to boot to try and hold some shape. 

Last but not least, I got a picture of them on, they fit perfect on my fat calves (from football they are mostly muscle but make wearing boots hard sometimes)

Now for fit and actual product, 10/10, the fit is perfect and they look exactly like the picture on the bodyline website, the only, criticism I could provide is to use different laces as I found these very stiff and a bit challenging to make a nice bow with. 

So overall, once again Bodyline ended up with a great review of, 29/30.

I definitely highly recommend buying shoes from Bodyline as they have always been great quality in my opinion and always lasted quite a while

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