Sunday, 15 February 2015

Bodyline Review

Sorry it's been a while since I posted a review, I wanted to post it after I got everything and tried it on, which took a while which you wil see from the dates :) 

Any who's, so I ordered a pair of shoes, a wig and two costumes from Bdoyline (yes I know the reviews and the reputation Bodyline has, I felt like giving it a go anyways)

So my order consisted of:
Gold Heeled Shoes (shoes255) in 230 (I fit a 6 Aus) -

Anna Wig (w197) -

Anna Costume (costume821) in 2L -

Elsa Costume (costume822) in 2L -

I made my order on the 2nd Jan 2015, shipping was free, and upgraded free to EMS as per their free international shipping offer at the time.

Full amount was $111USD

I recieved my shipping notification on 3rd Jan 2015. Package arrived on 16th Jan 2015.

So for shipping and packaging of the products, I would have given a 9/10, reason being is there are only very thin layers of packaging and plastic between any of the producs which mean it could have gotten damaged easily, however it's wasn't so it's a 10/10 as it was upgraded to free EMS and arrived within 2 weeks, everything was in good condition and nothing was damaged.

Now for product details and comparison to the product picture on the website.

Gold Shoes (shoes255)

Product picture
Actual product

As you can see they are exactly the same and came in a box. There was no rubbings, scratches or any problems. They are exactly as pictured on the website and the fit is perfect as usual with the Bodyline shoes I have previously bought. 

Shoes review 10/10, exactly as described and pictures and sizing the same as previous shoes in that size. No scratches and held nicely due to the holding sticks and paper in them.

Elsa Costume (costume822) 

Product picture

Actual product

As you can see they look basically the same, the skirt has more glitter on it then I expected. The finishes are actually quite nice, as you can see in the following picture, however I wasn't able to get a picture of this on as as the shoulders/top won't fit my broad shoulds/endowered chest.

So I am giving this a 8/10, this is because it looks exactly the same as the product picture, the finishes are extermerly good, however the fabric on the arms and is very stiff not allowing for anyone with very big arms to actually wear it even though it's a 2L.

Anna Wig (w197) 

Product Picture

Actual product

As you can see this product is exactly as the product picture, super shiney. The plaits are neat the fringe is however not as I had expected if but you can see how it sits in worn pictures below. I am going to try and make it less shiney with fabric softener as per a tutorial I have seen and will do a step by step with before and after pictures when I do.

For this wig I give it a 8/10 because well even though it's super shiney everything looks pretty good when on and the styling is good. It also looks exactly like the produc picture. I will need to re style the wig as I wanna put the whie extension that Anna has in it, plus so I can try the fabric softener technique to make it less shiney. 

Anna Costume (costume821)

Product picture

Actual product

As you can see, they almost look the same, except the sleeves of the Anna dress are more of a light green then white which it looks like in the picture. The only other change is the clasp on the Cape looks a bit different to what's on the product but that's not much of a big deal. I have not taken any pictures of the inside as it's the same quality as the Elsa costume, very good. However, I did take some close up pictures of the details.

I am giving this costume a 10/10, the the costume fits good but is actually loose unlike the Elsa costume. The bottom of the skirt isn't embroiled but still looks good, the bodice is embroiled and looks very effective, with the trims on the bodice working perfectly. The cape and apron are both quality made and exactly as the product picture shows. See some pictures of the Anna costume on below with the wig, no shoes and a petticoat under the costume as that's how I am going to wear it.

Overall the score for my products from this Bodyline review is 36/40, so this was obviously a good experience with body (as my previous ones have been) and the products all looked exactly like the product pictures, every was made with great quality and the shipping time/packaging was great. I would definitely recommend these products to other people. 

Now my plans for these costumes is to make them into sailor scout versions of Anna and Elsa and I will post pictures of them once I have finished plus any progress pictures :)

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