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I am doing a review on a a wig website - - I was shown this website by my lovely friend Jessie (her blog can be found here: ). 

We decided to make a combined order from this site, obviously I can only review the products I ordered, however I will also review the packaging, postage and communication.

My order was as follows:
"Blonde" 50cm long clip in ponytail -
"Beige fade" 70cm long Rhapsody wig -
Vampire/Werewolves fangs - 

The order was made and paid on the 22nd October 2014, I received an email shortly afterwards confirming the order was made.

I then received this email from the seller, regarding an item being out of stock. 

And I spoke with Jessie and she asked if I could ask for discounted EMS shipping because of the delay, so I sent the following response straight away and received another prompt response 

Jessie did not want to pay the extra shipping so we just waited for the products to be sent, in the mean time, I received this shipping confirmation on the same day for the contacts as they had to send them seperate.

And then the shipping confirmation for the rest of the order was received on 28th October 2014.

I recieved everything except the contacts on 5th November 2014. I also soon after recieved this email from the seller and promptly sent a response about not receiving the contact lenses yet and received a prompt response again (my response is in the bottom of the second picture). 

And finally on 28th November 2014 I received the contacts. 

Below I have added picture of the packaging for each of the products and the postage bags they were sent in. 


Unfortunately I forgot to take picture of the contacts but they were wrapped in bubble wrap in the postage bag.

So my review for the communication from is 5/5, the main person that contacted me, May was very prompt with responses and also checking to make sure I had received my products and re sendin the contacts tracking number so I could check up on it. 

My review for the postage time is a 3 1/2/5, as the contacts took well over a month even though they were sent 6 days before the rest of the order, they ended up being received 23 days later.

My review for their packaging is 5/5, everything was packged to fit comfortably in the bag and there was no damage to any products.

Now for review on the products.

First, the Beige fade rhapsody wig, I did not get any close ups of the way this was sent, however the top half where the fringe and as far down as they could get wasin a wig net and the rest was nicely put intone bag, I wore this wig for a convention called Supanova in Adelaide, South Australia. It didn't get too matted, how every it did get a bit messy compared to when I first put it on, but almost 5 hours at a convention will do that. I give this wig a 5/5. The colour and length was exactly as described, the bangs are also long which will allow them to be cut or styled if the buyer wants. I have added some pictures of it being worn below. The first picture is the stock picture.

Now for the blonde clip in ponytail, this is a really good product and I would highly recommend getting it if the colour options avaliable match your hair colour. It was completely put in a bag with a wig net around the whole thing. I have worn it out once, but not as a ponytail (I will add the pictures at the bottom of this paragraph), when I wore it it did not matte and was not too heavy to wear (which I did for a whole day). I give the clip in ponytail a 6/5, the colour is a perfect match to my hair and the length plus style looks great and exactly like the picture and it looks natural on. The first picture is the stock picture.

This is the clip in ponytail put up like a ponytail (I needed my roots re done at this stage).
This is how I wore it to the wedding, I put the clip to the side of my hair so my normally shortish hair was nice long and curly.

I am currently unable to write a review for the fangs as I have not had time to file them to size (they don't fit my teeth) so once I have done this I shall post a picture and review them against another pair of fangs I have.

With that being said, my full review of is a 5/5, I gave them a 5 as I have a feeling the contacts took longer due to reasons out of their hand, everything was shipped promptly, and tracking numbers were sent with both lots of shipping. Their contact was prompt and they made options avaliable when we asked with the delay. I definitely recommend buying from and will possibly be buying a costume from there next. 

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