Thursday, 1 January 2015

AliExpress Review

So, I decided to buy some fake Black Milk Clothing and some clothes hey have not made from Aliexpress for obviously a lesser amount.

I purchased the following items and will review each one individually then do a time line of how long it all took.

First, I got this Deathly Hallows crop + skater skirt -

Black Milk never made a Deathly Hallows skater skirt.
Here's a Few picture of what they look like laying down and on. I bought L in both, I love how they both look on. The skirt is on the shorter side, with the waist band being very snug. The crop is amazing, it feels extremely comfortable does not go sheer at all. I would give this set a 4.5/5

Second, I got the Fish Scale (mermaid) skater skirt -

Here are some pictures of it on and close ups of the detailing. This skirt is very short. I ordered the L, it's waist band is snug and almost on the tight side. I am not sure I like the dots in the scale, I probably would have liked just full scales better, however I do like this on. I would give this a 3.5/5

Third, I got this Wonder Woman swimsuit -

Here are pictures of it laying flat next to a black milk swim and on next to a black milk swim. The swim is really stretchy and fits really well same as the BM swim, however it is slightly see through on the bust, which could be sorted out with some lining. The details I think are really good. I got the L which is what I wear in BM swims. I would give this a 3.5/5

Fourth, I got this Chainmail crop + skater skirt set -
Here are picture of it on, and close up picture. The crop is amazing the material feels great and the colour is definitely a chainmail colour, the skirt is very short (like he others) and slightly purple, however it's not too noticeable. I ordered a L in both and I wear a L in BM and they are close to with the crop,  the skirts waist band is a little tight. For price I would give the set a 4/5.

Last, but not least I got this Blue Galaxy skater skirt - ttp://"
Here's picture of it close up and on. I got size L, like the others on the shorter side, and waist band is snug. The print is a tiny bit blurry but great otherwise. I would give it a 4/5 

And finally is a comparison of the Aliexpress skirts over a black milk skirt to show the length difference

Ok, so timeline of orders:

Everything was ordered on 18th September.

Everything was posted between 25th September - 4th October (I don't have exact dates as I accidentally deleted the emails confirming that. 
I received everything, except the chainmail set on the 18th October.

I received the chainmail set on the 21st October. 

Communication was minimal as there wasn't any requirement for it. All the clothes I got were in perfect condition and I will wear it all.

All in all I can not wait to order again :) hope this is helpful to anyone thinking of ordering from Aliexpress


  1. Absolutely love that wonder woman swimsuit! Thanks for the informative review