Friday, 2 January 2015

Adelaide Lolita "Merry Christmas" picnic meet

So, on here 21st December 2014, the lovely sisters Angela and Kairii had organised for a cute little Christmas picnic meet up for the Adelaide Lolita community. We have a very decent turn out and they had also organised a gift exchange, where everyone bought a stocking and everyone bought a small gift for each of the other participants I made my own stocking as I couldn't find the one my lovely grandmother had sewed for me as a child. It was my first time seeing a stocking and it was done without any pattern, just comptely free hand,. I am quite happy with the results. 

So, ones we arrived a the lovely little park on South Terrace in the city of Adelaide, South Australia, we were able to hang our stockings on a big tree the picnic was next too and all the presents were put at the base of the tree. 

Everyone was to bring a plate of food to share, we ended up with a nice mix of sweet and savoury and only one lot of cupcakes (we use to get almost half the people coming to the meets bringing cupcakes) . I forgot to take pictures of the food.

Any who's after everyone had full bellies, the lovely Angela and Kairii handed out all the gifts and there were some really really cute gifts given and everyone was so generous, I also hoped they liked the gifts I gave. I have added pictures of my gifts wrapped up, they included a little Christmas tree decoration, 2 mini packs of nerds and 4 bits of taffey laffey. And then underneath that is all the presents I recieved. 

And don't forget the candy canes ;) 

Now, for the group shot, this was taken just before people started leaving luckily 

And, the moment I have most been waiting for, the outfit shots, and let me tell you, some of the lolita community have e most amazing style :)

First and foremost, there is my outfit, I wanted a more casual outfit, so I had made my very first skirt, found the cute tshirt at Kmart and the little Santa hat was from a Spotlit Christmas costume set. Of course I was also wearing my bodyline heels and my Angelic Pretty laced socks. Next to me is the gorgeous miss Alyssiumbaby (check out her amazing blog here: Alyssiumbaby is wearing the Present Box JSK and the matching bow.

Then we have the cute couple Dalestair (check out her Facebook page here: and Alec. Dalestair was wearing AATP Black Cat Witch Apple Tree Vest and Skirt and Alec's vest was by Phaze. Then the wonderful Olivia and her bubbles. Olivia was wearing the Aneglic Pretty Chess Chocolate JSK with matching socks and a lovely hand made antler headpiece. 

Next was the gorgeous Sarah (whose blog can be found here: Sarah was wearing the Bodyline Carousel Print in sax JSK, matching socks and headbow. Next is the lovely Lisa, who was wearing a lovely BtSSB JSK with off brand and handmade accessories for a red reindeer themed outfit that was very cute.

Corinna was wearing the BTSSB Claudia the fairytale princess OP and hand made antler flower crown.

There were lots of other lovely outfits, I have not got permission to post these so for the moment I won't. The day was not only lots of fun but also a lovely day. If you are in South Australia and interested in lolita, I definitely recommend joining the Adelaide Lolita Community on facebook and attending some of our events :).


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